Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Week of College: Reflective Blog Post

Officially done with my first week of college! What I had anticipated and what actually happened couldn't be further apart from each other. First off, English 1103 is unlike any other English class I have ever been in. The conceptual and free flowing aspects of the course make it enjoyable and less scrupulous than a usual English class. Our overarching idea of Making is Writing and Writing is Making has expanded my understanding of what writing should be viewed as and what it encompasses. Asking questions about things and understanding how things work is an important theme that has also been established so far in our work. Being comfortable with posting opinions and conversing in the G+ community has caused a new exchange of ideas and answers to questions between students in our class. Seeing this worldwide project in action on a small scale has made me realize that although you may not have every answer, if you share your questions other people might be able to provide valuable insight. A particular example of ideas and questions being shared so far has been our Science Question posts and 5 response Fridays. My first Science Question was, "Why is it that recyclables are sorted if they're all going to end up recycled anyways?" and I attached my photo below. During our first week of class we have also been afforded the opportunity to do some "making" of our own. We were able to choose between making a scribble bot, lights, or sound. As displayed in the video below, I chose sound in which I was able to compile different sounds and noises to make one track. My first week of English 1103 has been unorthodox but enjoyable. One of our reading assignments was Atul Gawandi's Becoming a Positive Deviant. The 5 steps discussed in the piece can all relate to a college student's life and I know for a fact I am going to start creating more depth in my relationships through questioning and I am also going to work on not complaining and staying positive. I have come to the realization that as long as I have an open mind to the limitless possibilities for creating and making that this class has to offer I will prosper and show improvement in my writing and making.