Monday, November 11, 2013

Call For Papers Reflective Blog Post

Currently we are doing a lot more writing in English 1103. What is cool is that a giant web of interaction regarding our call for papers is forming. Everyone is involved in not just their submissions, but also the submissions of everyone else who is writing on their group's topics. In this way there is a lot of assisting and guiding which is actually a really cool concept to see on such a large scale. As for my role in this larger "web"... I feel that I am contributing good opinions and outlooks on subjects and that my submissions are furthering their group's message. Specific to my Beauty These Days submission, I found that I was able to take a unique approach to this group's call to papers. Below shows my documentation process for my submission and you can see that I had two distinct thoughts I wanted to express in the paper.
Another aspect to the writing of my submissions has been trying to incorporate academic sources on my topics. I have had a bit of trouble regarding finding truly qualified academic sources but have worked hard to integrate the ones I have found. Below is my thought process on how I could incorporate a source into my Working Through The Problems Using PIC submission. It is a rough idea on how I planned on intertwining the source but the reasoning behind me writing out my ideas was to get a general sense of direction in terms of my approach.
Overall my writing for my submissions has proven a challenge for myself from the standpoint that it is the first time in English 1103 that I have had to go back and think critically of my work. I like the concept behind what we're doing though so hopefully my minor difficulties in my writing will prove to be only a small problem.