Sunday, September 8, 2013

With my first month of college nearing its end, I am amazed at what my classes have taught me and specifically, what my English 1103 class has become. I would have never expected that an English class would put grammar and rhetoric on the back-burner and bring creativity and conceptual thinking to its forefront. I have been nothing but pleased with how English 1103 has turned out to be but it is still a little weird how unorthodox the course is. Since my last blog post, we have been focusing on our personal histories as writers, scientists, and as makers. As a class we constructed a timeline of different science and writing memories we had from our past. It was interesting to find similarities between people's histories and to see that many people experienced the same types of situations as myself. Below are some pictures I took of a similarity I discovered; some people did dissections around the same time as each other in their science classes. Also, we finished our first make cycle not too long ago. This make cycle also aimed at defining ourselves as writers, scientists, and as makers. I chose to make a comedic video poking fun at my downfalls as a maker. Since the video itself did not want to upload, I have also posted the link to my G+ page for you guys to view it. To sum up English 1103 thus far, I would have to say it has been thought provoking, unconventional, and fun. The free-flowing environment coupled with intellectual discussion makes it a class I don't mind going to at 8:00 am. I am excited for what the remainder of the semester has in store for me!

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